Usana Health Sciences Malaysia is part of the international Usana Health Sciences network of companies. In Malaysia, Usana distributes the set of products which are known internationally for its award-winning health supplements.

Usana Health Sciences market only the best health supplements and body care products to you through its state-of-the-art research and development facilities. All the products that bear the Usana brand goes through the relevant tests and approvals before they are available in the market.

In order to carry this objective effectively, Usana Malaysia adopts an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model which guarantees you more personalized and effective services.

There are qualified nutritionists and associates who are very well-versed with Usana products and how they can help you in your health. Through Usana’s Binary Compensation Plan, Usana adopt the strategy where members will help other members in the same network to succeed in not only enjoying the best health supplements but earn a good income as well. This plan is among the most effective ones in the world today, having won the top marketing plan for 11 consecutive years by Network Marketing Magazine, the top publication in this segment.

There is no doubt that Usana’s products are the best in the world today as we have won the most awards and recognized by international health bodies as compared to other brands marketing these products. Hence, you can be rest assured that the products sold by Usana will be here for good as all Usana products are given the Potency Guarantee by Dr Myron Wentz, the founder of Usana Health Sciences. Dr Wentz is a recipient of the Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in Life Sciences. This award is given to leaders who have contributed significantly to the areas of life sciences and in life-saving research and technology.

So significant is Usana products that they are documented in the MIMs book, a reference guide used by doctors and GPs (General Practitioners) around the world on the usage of medicine. The publication states that there are no side effects and Usana product are highly effective.

What makes Usana so different is that it supplies the nutrients that the body needs to keep it functioning at its best possible condition at all times. By doing this, you enjoy better health in a long run and avoid known diseases like hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

Our everyday lives are so exposed with pollution and bacteria around that our bodies constantly need to replenish the nutrients that are lost. Through Usana, this problem is thoroughly solved while there are added benefits like maintaining a healthy diet as well as to keep your body at tip-top condition.