Usana Malaysia 2014 Retail Price List
Usana Malaysia Preferred member Price List

The USANA Order Form is the most important and most frequently used document to order your USANA products. This form includes information like different pricing and points provided.

Termination Form (Distributorship / Autoship)

This form is used by members when they wish to terminate their engagement with USANA Health Sciences as a distributor or to stop their Autoship programme.


Product Exchange / Product Return Form

This document must be submitted for any instances of product exchange or returns. You can choose the different options of 100% Refund, 90% Refund, Product Exchange or others.


Product Collection Authorisation Form

The Product Collection Authorisation Form is the document that must be filled up in order to appoint a third party to collect USANA Health Products on your behalf.


Preferred Customer Application Form (English)

This document is the English Language version that you must fill up to be a Preferred Customer. You can include your information and application for Autoship Programme in this form as well.


Preferred Customer Application Form (BM)

This form is the same as the English Language version prepared in Bahasa Malaysia for those not familiar with the language.


Increase Order Limit Request Form

If you are placing orders for USANA Health Sciences products above RM3,000, you must fill up this form. You will have to state your reason for ordering so much as you need to declare that you are not doing so to qualify for commissions, bonuses or advancement for the USANA Compensation Plan.


Distributor Application Form (English)

This form includes the information you need to submit to apply to become a Distributor for USANA Health Sciences. It includes the Distributor Agreement and Terms and Conditions that you must agree to.


Distributor Application Form (BM)

The Distributor Application Form is available in Bahasa Malaysia for applicants who are more comfortable and well-versed in this language.


Credit Card Authorisation Form

This form is prepared in English Language and Bahasa Malaysia which provides authorisation for third-party charges to your credit card. You can appoint either the USANA Distributor or the Preferred Customer to charge to your card.


Change Distributor Details Form

The Change Distributor Details Form must be filled up and submitted if you are making any changes to your account. This can be in terms of moving from one country to another or the change of address, credit card information and bank account information.


Usana Product Information

The USANA Pricelist is the most important document since you will be referring to it all the time. It is updated all the time with the latest pricing for Autoship, Wholesale and Suggested Retail of all USANA Health Sciences products including the Volume Points as well.


True Health Newspaper (English & BM)

The True Health Newspaper (English & BM) is a dual-language newspaper that offers very useful information and resources that can help you to understand USANA Health Sciences products better.


True Health Newspaper (English & Chinese)

The English & Chinese version of the True Health Newspaper offers good insights and knowledge to anyone who likes to learn more about USANA Health Sciences and the products offered.

Reset Brochure

The Reset Brochure is a very useful document that can be disseminated to anyone who wants a healthy diet and for slimming purposes. It includes information about the programme and how to effectively use USANA products to achieve the desired weight.


BiOmega III Plus Brochure

The BiOmega III Plus is one of the most popular products offered by USANA Health Sciences. This brochure provides all that the customer needs to know about the BiOmega II Plus and its benefits.


Sense Basic Pack

The Sense Basic Pack is the products information about the basic Sense products offered by USANA Health Sciences. This document is presented in 3 languages (English, BM and Chinese).


Blanc Balance Brochure

The Blanc Balance Brochure can be disseminated to customers for them to read more about the advantage and benefits of the Blanc Balance package.


3 BC Complete Kit 500

The 3 BC Complete Kit 500 is the brochure that list out the products in this pack. It includes information about all the USANA Health Sciences products as well as the price and SVP points.


3 BC Complete Kit 400

The 3 BC Complete Kit 400 is smaller as compared to the Kit 500 but include most of the essentials of USANA Health Sciences products.


3 BC Best Sellers Kit 500

The 3 BC Best Sellers Kit 500 is made up of the most popular products of the USANA Nutritionals category which are Essentials, Active Calcium Plus, BiOmega III Plus, Proflavanol and CoQuinone.


3 BC Best Sellers Kit 400

The 3 BC Best Sellers Kit 400 is a smaller package as compared to the Best Sellers Kit 500 with the same type of products.


Usana Business Information


Malaysia Compensation Plan

This document is specifically prepared for Malaysian members which explains in detail how you will be compensated and enjoy your income through the USANA Health Sciences network.


USANA Matching Bonus (English)

The USANA Matching Bonus document explains in details the benefits of the Matching Bonus payout scheme. It includes how the bonus is calculated and frequently-asked-questions.


Upline Mentoring Manual (English)

This is a manual in English Language to help the Upline prepare your presentation which is best used with the ‘Health & Freedom’ and ‘Get Started Today!’ presentations.

Upline Mentoring Manual (BM)

This is the same manual as the English Language version which is prepared in Bahasa Malaysia for those who are more comfortable using this language.


True Wealth Newspaper (English & BM)

The True Wealth Newspaper (English & BM) is prepared in 2 languages that provides you with insights and tips on how to enjoy more income through the USANA Health Sciences network marketing.


True Wealth Newspaper (English & Chinese)

For those who prefer to read in Chinese, the True Wealth Newspaper English & Chinese version is available to read about successes in this business.


Awards & Certification


Halal Certification for Usana Nutritionals

The Halal Certification document can be used by members and distributors to show that USANA Nutritionals are certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America, making them safe for consumption by Muslims.


Halal Certification for Usana Macro-Optimizers

This is the IFANCA Halal Product Certificate awarded by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America that certifies that products offered under the Macro-Optimizers category of USANA Health Sciences are Halal.


Halal Certification for Usana Bars

This document certifies that the Fibre Snack Bar Iced Lemon Flavour and the Oatmeal Raisin Nutritional Snack Bars are both certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America.


Halal Certification for Sense

This document shows that the Sense range of products by USANA Health Sciences are Halal and safe for consumption by Muslims by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).


Presentation Materials

Health And Freedom Newspaper (English)

The Health and Freedom Newspaper (English) is periodical USANA published newsletter that provides insights and valuable information for members and consumers of USANA Health Sciences.


Health And Freedom Newspaper (Chinese)

The Health And Freedom Newspaper (Chinese) is the Chinese language newsletter produced and published by USANA Health Sciences to read about the latest updates and information about USANA Health Sciences in Chinese language.


USANA Presentation Slides (English)

USANA Presentation Slides (English) is a Microsoft Powerpoint document which can be used by members on everything about USANA Health Sciences. This include the benefits, founder, programmes and other essential information about the company.


USANA Presentation Slides (Mandarin)

For members who are presenting to the Mandarin speaking audience, the USANA Presentation Slides (Mandarin) is prepared in this language for easier communication.


USANA Sense Slides (English)

The USANA Sense Slides is a set of English Language Microsoft Powerpoint presentation that can be used as aid to explain to customer about the USANA Sense range with information about the products, awards and benefits.