Usana Health Sciences offer some very lucrative returns if you know how to market your products. In fact, it has a very easy to implement Usana marketing plan. To do this, you must know the concept of BC or Business Centre. This basically works like a shop and it will be the objective you want to achieve. To start off, you must become a member of the Usana Health Sciences network before you can move on to activate 1BC or 3BC. In order to do this, you must continuously buy Usana products until you achieve a certain point level.

The cost to join as a member of Usana is only RM99 as registration fee and you will need to achieve 150 points in order to obtain 1BC. To reach 3BC, you need to accumulate a minimum of 500 points. Take note that activating the BC is not necessary during registration because this can be done gradually on a later date. The concept of Usana is not to make you sell more products but to help you in your income while encouraging you to consume the products yourself, which in a long run is extremely beneficial for your health and general well-being. This is where Usana’s tagline comes in; True Health True Wealth

How BC works

The way the BC works is that you are given 2 branches and 4 branches if you qualify for 1BC and 3BC respectively. This is exponentially very effective because the more branches you have, the more people you can have under your network (which is often referred to as Downline). In doing so, if you have 3BC, the faster your network will grow where each downline buys and consumes Usana products which will benefit your point system which in actual fact increases your income.

Usana bonuses are calculated and accessed on a weekly basis and is based on US Dollars which will be debited into your bank account accordingly. The conversion rate is higher than anywhere, which is $1 being converted to RM3.5(normal exchange rate is about $1 to RM3.1). The calculations are made based on the concept of SV or Sales Value which is the total products bought.

Through the Usana Health Sciences network, you can enjoy income through the following

1. Retail sales which could be as high as 30%

2. Commission from sponsors – 5%

3. PV or Point Value of 5% from the people you sponsor from whichever branch under you

For example, if you sponsor Tom, Dick, Harry and Alan and all of them have 200 points each, you will receive a bonus of US$40. This is calculated by 4 (people) x 200 (points) x 5% = 40

4. Group Bonus which is based on the GSV (Group Sales Value) of the entire group

5. Global Leadership Bonus which is based on the 3% value of the Company Turn Over amount


To ensure that you enjoy continuous income, you will have to consistently purchase products of at least 100 points every 4 weeks. This is easily achievable as you will need to buy the products for your own consumption. However, if you prefer you can choose to buy them at a member’s price and sell them at the retail price which could be as high as 30%.


Weekly Group Bonus

The Usana Health Science Weekly Group Bonus is calculated based on a pairing concept as referred to the table below.

PV based on the lowest branch Value in US$
250 US$40
500 US$100
1000 US$200
2000 US$400
3000 US$600
4000 US$800
5000 US$1000

 US$1=RM3.50(higher rate)

As mentioned, it is more profitable if you have 3BC which gives you more returns. For example:

Tom = 2000GSV

Dick = 1000GSV

Harry = 3000GSV

Alan = 1500GSV

You have 3BC, so the bonus that you will receive will be calculated 3 times which are as follow:

BC 1: [Branch 1 + Branch 3] vs [Branch 2 + Branch 4] = 3000 vs 4500 = US$ 600

BC 2: [Branch 1] vs [Branch 3] = 2000 vs 1000 = US$ 200

BC 3: [Branch 2] vs [Branch 4] = 1500 vs 3000 = US$ 200

Which means that the total you will receive for that particular week is BC 1+ BC 2 + BC 3 = US$ 1000

The good thing about this scheme is that the remainder points are not loss as they are carried forward to the next week. Apart from Usana, no other MLM companies practice this where the GSV remainders are usually forfeited.


Leadership Bonus

This is one very unique offering by Usana Health Sciences where the global network reserves 3% of its commissionable volume and then divides them among the Gold Directors and above to help the networks train and build more leaders. This amount is derived from the sales of Usana products in 14 countries.


The Re-Entry concept is a very attractive option for Usana members because it is unique and highly beneficial. This is one concept that no other MLM or Network Marketing companies will or want to implement because it requires the upline to take turns in becoming a downline. Imagine having an upline who is very successful which means that you will receive all the monetary benefits that come with them. This is a great chance to increase your profits where your downline could be from any of the countries in the network. This usually happens when you have maximised your BCs in which you will be given a free BC that you can place in any of your downline.

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